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Hi to all!

Since a lot of people wanted to know, how I build my Heliodisplay for a few Euro, I decided, to start my own Blog, for Mixed-up Do-It-Yourself Technologies.

So feel welcome, to put your own Projects on my side.
When I find some time, I will put the side online also in German, but at I thougt English would be most important, so everyone can read!
This is my first Blog, so please tell me about Hooks and Mistakes you may find!

But now to the project, you Nui Freaks are waiting for:

the 50 Bucks HELIODISPLAY !!

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

My Second Heliodisplay

Hi to all of You, who wrote to me for a detailed plan and fotos. I hope I can clear up Your Questions with this post!

This is, how it looks complete.
The sizes of the box are 90 x 36 x 36 cm,
the Screen is 65 cm wide.

A look inside shows in the left corner the "fog chamber" and a pipe with straws, where fog is blown out

Fog Chamber again, on the left side under the yellow box is the Ventilation for the Fog

small Ventilators under the Fogpipe

complete overview

How it works:

It consists of two parts, the Fogchamber, where I build in two Foggers and a Vent. It puts out a constant curtain of fog.
The other part is the Ventilationsystem, where the airstream is produced, that stabilizes the Picture.
On the last Foto You can see in the middle another big Ventilator, that produces overpressure in the box, so it is more easy to get a constant Stream with the little vents.( If You take stronger vents, this is not necessary!)

On the first two Pics You can see a plexiglass pipe build in on the topside, its there to make it multitouch ready, when I get my Ir LEDs, it will produce an IR Curtain in front of the holografic Picture, so it can be seen from the Cam, where I put my Fingers.
The projector as to stand deeper than the screen, so that the projection angle is around 30° upwards, it gives the best picture.

Hope, I could clear up your questions , if not, please write to me and i will try to make it better!

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010


Watch it in HD on Youtube : 
Some weeks ago, a friend of mine said " you will never manage to build a Heliodisplay".
I went home, looking for things that could be used, build everything together over night and phoned him next morning.
So please don`t wonder about the " Design ", it was just a Prove-the-idea model.
But the good thing about it is, you can see every rough detail of how it works!

Here a little shematic drawing:

What I used :    1 m PVC Pipe 50 mm
                        2 x 45° Pipes  50 mm
                        3 x 120 mm to 50 mm Reducer Pipes
                        1 x 120 mm Pipeventilator with180 m2/h Stream
                         old Ventilator
                        a bundle of Drinking Straws
                        a 700mm Flower-Box
                        some cardboard box stipes with big holes
                        Glue & Silicon
                        2 Foggers

                        some sideparts for a Holderbox
First Steps :

1 ) I cut out a 700 mm long part out of the PVC Pipe

2 ) I cut the Drinking Straws to half lenght ( I used the thick ones, next Picture is taken from a modelpice to show you the princible) and glued them on the cardboard box stripes, like that:

3 ) drilled holes in the Flowerbox ( to put the Pipe through), cut the bottom away

4 ) glued Pipe and Straws together

5 ) fixed Pipe in the Flower-Box with Silicon

6 ) build a holderbox to put the Flower-Box ontoo

7 ) put the rest of the Pipes together with 2 Foggers inside like on the next Picture

8 ) little Pipevent on Pipeend

9 ) old Ventilator underneath Holderbox 

10 ) filled waterchamber up to 1/3  

11 ) build up my Beamer behind

        READY TO BLOW ( your Mind )  !!!!!

Some more Pics :